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Renaissance Living Room Welcomes You

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Welcome to the Renaissance Living Room!

Are you or someone you know overwhelmed? 

Feeling like you are about to lose it? 

The Living Room is for you!

The Living Room 

A safe, inviting, home-like atmosphere



Talk with a trained recovery support specialist--a person like you--who has faced mental health challenges 

Rest and re-group in a non-hospital setting

Currently, the Living Room offers VIRTUAL SERVICES, coming soon to Chicago's Austin neighborhood.

Virtual Services will place you in one-to-one contact with a Recovery Support Specialist who will help you de-escalate and develop a plan and coping skills for the future! 


Virtual Services are available at 866-628-5629 by phone or text, or by the chat function on this website.


Virtual Services are available from 10 am – 8 pm CST, Mon - Fri 


Aunt Bertha

find critical resources like food, medical care, etc.

NAMI Chicago 

Mental Health Support

Homeless Prevention and access to Permanent Supportive Housing

Suicide Prevention Hotline (available 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week)


Planning to Use? Alone?

Never Use Alone



Crisis Support via text

** Text HOME to 741741


The Streets

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